To Mold Young Students to Create Better Citizens of Our Country in Love, Truth and Justice.



An Abode for Excellence



To achieve holistic academic excellence and formation of sound character

To involve in research programs

To equip the student with world class standards

To empower the student with skill and potentialities?

The Sacred Heart College of Arts and Science aims at providing easy accessibility, flexible curriculum and teaching methods, cost effective and equal opportunity in collaboration with industrial, commercial and service sectors of the local area and responding to the social needs and issues of the local community in the promotion of self employment and small business development, declaration of competence and eligibility for employment.

The courses offered are integrated with teaching of job oriented courses so that the students can undergo skill training during the currency of their college education, which will enable them to find sources of employment connected with the training imparted.

The Sacred Heart College is an innovative system of education, which aims at the empowerment of youth through appropriate skills development leading to gainful employment in collaboration with the local industry and the community and to achieve skills for employment and self-employability of the above sections of people in the society.