The M.Sc. Chemistry program was started in the year 2019. It offers a broad scope, covering advanced studies in various branches of chemistry including organic, inorganic, physical, and analytical chemistry. It provides students with comprehensive theoretical knowledge and practical skills essential for careers in research, industry, academia, and beyond. Graduates of the programme can pursue opportunities in fields such as pharmaceuticals, materials science, environmental science, chemical engineering, and education.


  • To inspire students to become innovative leaders and collaborators in the field of chemistry, contributing to scientific discovery and societal progress.


  • To provide a rigorous academic curriculum that encompasses fundamental principles and cutting-edge advancements in chemistry, preparing students for successful careers and further academic pursuits.
  • To engage in interdisciplinary research and collaboration, applying chemical principles to address complex problems in areas such as healthcare, energy, materials, and the environment.
  • To promote hands-on laboratory experiences and practical skills development, empowering students to conduct meaningful experiments and contribute to scientific advancements.