As part of its educational services, hostel facilities are provided separately for girls and boys in the College premises. The hostels are maintained and administered directly by the management. Hostels provide space for genuine learning. In addition to the extra-curricular activities conducted in the college, the hostels conduct their own programmes on spirituality, personality development, communicative English, social activities, sports and entertainments.

Only after the admission in the College, a student is eligible to seek admission from the hostel. The application form will be available with the Director of the hostels.


Hostel accommodation is available for students. Admission to the hostel is to be sought separately and sufficiently early. Application forms may be collected from the college office. The forms, after being filled in, should be given to the college office. Admission is confirmed only after remitting the admission fee and the first installment of fee. Hostel fee has to be paid on a monthly basis. Clearance of Hostel dues is essential for issuing Hall ticket, T.C and other certificates.
Parent/Guardian should be present at the time of admission/readmission.
Residents are bound to comply with all the rules of the hostel set down by the warden.
Grievances, Complaints, Suggestions by the residents can be brought to notice of the Warden.
Decision of the Warden pertaining to all matters of the hostel will be final.

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