1. The youth for whom the programs are envisaged are socially marginalized and deprived of decent employment due to the lack of access to higher education. From the inception, the College is continuously serving the young people by providing schooling facilities for their learning.
  2. The Brothers Congregation, having understood the need for a change in the Social Order and constructed the College to provide education to poor students who have been idling after their schooling.
  3. The Most Rev. P. Antony Pappusamy D.D; STD, then Bishop of Dindigul realized the poor conditions of the student community and came out with the magnanimous offer of 15 acres of land for the use of Educational Purposes- a noble cause indeed! The property was handed over to the Brothers Congregation for starting educational institutions for the poor students to get access to higher studies.
  4. The Brothers Congregation had the vision of starting a College in Dindigul District since the adjacent villages consist of huge student population who are deprived of their college education in view of their poverty driven family situation.