The Brothers Congregation had the vision of starting a college in Dindigul, since the adjacent villages consist of huge student population who are deprived of college education in view of their poverty driven family situation. The institution stands as a beacon of hope for the rural students who otherwise would have been deprived of Higher Education.

The Most Rev. P. Antony Pappusamy D.D; STD, then Bishop of Dindigul realized the poor conditions of the student community and came out with the magnanimous offer of 15 acres of land for the use of Educational Purposes- a noble cause indeed! The property was handed over to the Brothers Congregation for starting educational institutions for the poor students to get access to higher studies.

Brother of the sacred heart

The college was established in the year 2012. The college, an abode for excellence, is a service oriented self-financing institution affiliated to Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai.

The curricular and co-curricular activities that are offered include imparting of integrated livelihood skills and training programs to promote employment opportunities to enable the students to live in an equitable social order. From the inception, the college is continuously striving hard to serve the needs of young students by providing facilities for their learning, focusing on both academic as well as their holistic development. The youth for whom the programs offered are socially marginalized and deprived of decent employment due to lack of access to higher education.

The college gives importance to value based education and it follows the Sacred Heart charism of “Education of Heart and Mind”. To promote women’s education, college gives college fee concessions to women students besides giving the same to less fortunate students. The college offers 12 UG and 4 PG programmes. The curriculum growth of UG and PG courses indicates a continuous journey beyond the challenges in continuing explorative experience in quality education.

In the current scenarios, the media industry is growing by providing a lot of carrier opportunities for young people. On request from stakeholders, B.Sc. Visual Communication (Viscom) was started in 2021.

B.Sc. Visual Communication (Viscom) course will enable students to gain basic knowledge of Visual Communication and learn new media technologies.

B.Sc. Visual Communication (Viscom) course offers high quality education in the field of media and communication by improving quality training, hands on experience with latest technology and value education.

B.Sc. Visual Communication (Viscom) course creates an environment in which students are encouraged to do research with innovate new ideas in the field of media and communication.

B.Sc. Visual Communication (Viscom) course encourages students to become self-motivated, ethically strong, problem solving, individuals who can find and understand the knowledge needed to be successful in the chosen profession.

In addition to that, the Department of psychology was established in the year 2022. At present, it runs the B.Sc. Psychology. The department of psychology involves and offers a few value-added courses along with other departments which are meant for all the students of Arts and Science. B.Sc. Psychology provides students with an in-depth knowledge of the science behind the human mind and behaviour. B.Sc. Psychology offers blended learning of theory, laboratory practice and field knowledge.

The department of Psychology has an academic network with universities around the world. It is unique for its community involvement in various awareness programs on student mental health and family well-being. As one of the fastest growing fields of study, psychology offers a huge career scope as well as exciting prospects such as psychologists, psychiatrists, and therapists. The Placement Cell is committed to provide all possible assistance to its graduates and post graduates in their efforts to find employment.

The efficient faculty in the college along with the updated curriculum ensures that students receive the best education and skills which can help them emerge as qualified academicians with human values. Almost every year college has produced many university rank holders.

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